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"I Feel WHOLE Again" - LaVerne, Bioness User
Join The Thousands Of Bioness Users Like LaVerne That Have Taken A Step Towards Freedom
Regain your mobility and get back into life.  Contact Us!
L300 H200 L300 Plus L300 Small L300 H200 L300 Plus

Find out now if our innovative products for people living with foot drop or hand paralysis as a result of stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy can improve your or your loved one's ability to get back into a more active lifestyle.

CONTACT US TODAY to see if a Bioness system is right for you! (800) 211-9136 Opt 2 | www.Bioness.com

L300 for Foot Drop

Walk more naturally.

“I am defying all odds”

Duane, Spinal Cord Injury survivor and L300 User

Learn more about the L300 Foot Drop System

H200 Wireless for Hand Paralysis

Regain more natural hand function.

“I feel whole again”

LaVerne, Stroke survivor and H200 User

Learn more about the H200 Wireless Hand Rehab System