Meet Sue

Medical Condition:

Multiple Sclerosis since 1992, diagnosed in 1999

Use of L300:

Began using in August, 2007.  I used the L300 only a couple times a week for most of the first 2 years, and then switched to the cotton electrodes and now I wear it daily.

How Has the L300 Aided Your Recovery?

This remarkable cuff has given me opportunity, independence, safety and cute shoes. I've had foot drop for 9 years. While I have walked most of that time, my gait was ruined by the compensation techniques I created. Using the L300 has lifted my toes and allowed me to work to repair my gait while aiding in my balance. While you don't really recover from MS, you can keep the muscles toned and strong. Even after I remove the cuff, the muscles will continue working a little more like they do when the cuff is on, a little more normally.

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

Follow the protocol. Really, it's there for a reason and while you may be chomping at the bit to get things going (I'm very guilty of this), don't.

My Favorite Thing About the L300 is

that there are cotton electrodes so I can wear it daily! Physically, I love that I can get up and walk across the office to the printer without having to use my walker or worry about stumbling. My independence is back.

I Can Help Other L300 Users by

being there to support them when there are questions, or when impatience is on the rise or disappointment threatens. I've experienced it all on some level and can promise you'll get through it.