Meet Patricia

Medical Condition:

Stroke in October 2000

Use of L300:

Began using in May of 2007. I use the L300 every day.  I put it on first thing in the morning and remove it the last thing at night (less the 20-30 minutes I take it off during the middle of the day to rest my skin).

How Has the L300 Aided Your Recovery?

It has made me mobile again!  I no longer have the fear of falling, and my walking gait has improved.  I am able to climb stairs with ease.  My balance has improved due to the strengthening of my muscles.

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

There is a learning curve when you first start using the L300.  And because we are each individuals, everyone's progress is different.  It is important to work with your therapist and continue to stay on an exercise program.

My Favorite Thing About the L300 is

I have become mobile again without the aid of a cane and a cumbersome brace.  I can go out in the pasture and catch my horses, walk across a soccer field to watch my grandchildren play, and shop 'til I drop without worrying about falling or getting fatigued!  I am free again!

I Can Help Other L300 Users by

letting them know there are no "quick fixes."  Patience and determination are your best virtues!  We are relearning to walk again on our affected side and it takes time, baby steps!  Always strive to be your best, never lose faith and never give up!