Meet Jonna

Medical Condition:

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 1997

Use of L300:

Began using the L300 in January 2007.

How Has the L300 Aided Your Recovery?

The L300 has given me a piece of my life back.  Prior to the MS, I was named most athletic in my class and played college basketball.  With the progression of the MS, walking was a challenge and running was out of the question.  Since using the L300 I haven't fallen, I don't have to use my cane and I can walk through the mall without stumbling and staggering.

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

It is important to work closely with your physical therapist.  Recovery is a process that does not happen overnight so remember to stay positive, keep your chin up and persevere with patience.

My Favorite Thing About the L300 is

My walk is more natural. I don't have to hike my hip and swing my leg around so I can clear my toes. On my honeymoon in 2008, I was able to hike to the top of the Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii.  As I was hiking up, I remember the stability and confidence the L300 gave me.  A number of times I would turn to my husband, with my hands high in the air, with a big smile and say, "Look--NO cane!"

I Can Help Other L300 Users by

listening to them and doing my best to answer any questions. If it will help, I am open to sharing my personal story with how the NESS L300 has given me a piece of my life back.