Meet Bill

Medical Condition:

Stroke in January 1999

Use of L300:

Began using in November of 2008.  I have used the L300 every day since my introduction to the unit.

How Has the L300 Aided Your Recovery?

Prior to using the L300, I used an AFO and hip-hiked when I walked. I had to wear an over-sized sneaker even when I dressed up. I went back to therapy to strengthen my leg and now wear loafers and eliminated the pain associated with wearing of the AFO.

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

The importance of therapy!

My Favorite Thing About the L300 is

I no longer have the discomfort of the brace.  I can stand for long periods of time.

I Can Help Other L300 Users by

sharing positive feedback. I've been blessed with people in my life who have given me inspiration and I'd like to give back. Bioness has improved my quality of life, and I want people who need this technology to be made aware it is available.