Meet Rebecca

Medical Condition:

Stroke in February, 2005

Use of H200:

I began using the technology in January of 2006.  I used it most days until April of 2009.  I began using it again in August of 2009 several times a week.

How Has the H200 Aided Your Recovery?

It has given me hope of what is possible in terms of present and future improvement.  Before using the H200, I could not open my hand and experienced significant spasticity.  Using the H200 allows me to overcome the spasticity to functionally use my hand.  This provides feedback to my brain and allows me to visualize functional hand movement.  It feels so good to once again use the muscles, ligaments and tendons in my hand.

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

Electrical stimulation provides feedback to the brain that can facilitate neuro re-education and promote neuroplasticity.  Owning your H200 allows you to use it functionally to perform tasks you can't otherwise do presently.

My Favorite Thing About the H200 is

that it allows me to move my hand in a normal way.  It helps me to feel "normal" again.  It neutralizes my spasticity while I wear it with carry over afterwards.

I Can Help Other H200 Users by

encouraging them to get evaluated for the H200 as soon after their Stroke as possible.  I started using the H200 eleven months after my Stroke.  I pushed hard to get the rehab hospital closest to me to affiliate with Bioness.  I actually got the H200 from a facility 50 miles away because they offered it sooner.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to avail ourselves of the best treatment/technology possible and Bioness is it!  Advocate with your rehab institution and insurance company to provide you with the best healthcare and rehabilitation opportunities.