Meet Kyle

Medical Condition:

Traumatic Brain Injury, 10/23/05

Use of H200:

Began using the H200 in 2007.

How Has the H200 Aided Your Recovery?

Prior to using the H200, I had very minimal use of my right hand.  I can now tie my own shoes, cut my own food, play catch with my little boy and girl, etc.

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

Repetition, and not getting discouraged is the key to this device (H200). With the H200, it takes time, and repetition to achieve results.

My Favorite Thing About the H200 is

the fact that I could move my hand again.  Sure, at first, it was only with the device on...but in time, movement came back with the device off!

I Can Help Other H200 Users by

letting them know that when the doctors tell you that "everything you're going to get back (movement wise), you'll get back within the first year" is an absolute "mis-truth".  I am 4+ years out of my injury, and am still seeing gains.  A positive attitude, and good work ethic can go a long way!!!