Meet Kathy

Medical Condition:

Massive Stroke in October, 2005

Use of H200:

Began using in July of 2006.  I used the H200 every day for 11 months and a few times a week for five more months.

How Has the H200 Aided Your Recovery?

The H200 has given me my life back!  After the Stroke, I had no wrist action, very little movement in my fingers, and I could not open my hand.  After using the H200 for four months, I could move my wrist.  After seven months, I could open my hand and pick up a glass, and after using it 10 months, I could push a piano key down!

What is the Most Important Fact for New Users to Know?

The repetition is so important!  I think many people give up after a few months and don't realize it takes a long time for the brain to retrain itself.  The daily repetition for months made a huge difference!  We have to be patient - the fine motor skills are the last to come.  And they did!!

My Favorite Thing About the H200 is

that it made my hand move after I hadn't seen it move for 9 months, and it did the repetitions I couldn't do so my brain could reroute!  It was also easy to use and I could actually do functional things with it on, which I can do now without it on!

I Can Help Other H200 Users by

letting them know how crucial it is to persevere with patience!  A newborn baby has very few connections in their brains when born and at the end of 2 years; they have all kinds of connections.  I believe our brains need at least 2 years of repetition to reroute.