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Bioness Disclaimer for Peer User Conference Call Program:
Please note: The Peer User Conference Call program is not intended to offer medical advice, counseling or product-related technical support. For medical questions, please consult your doctor. If you have a Bioness product and need technical support, please call 800-211-9136. Your discussion with a Peer User is meant to be a conversation with an individual who has actual experience using a particular Bioness product and has volunteered to participate in this program. Remember that a particular Peer User may not suffer from the same condition as you, and will likely be very different from you in medically significant ways. There will likely be other product users or prospective users involved in the conversation, as well as a Bioness moderator. Please do not share any personal information about yourself during the conversation unless you wish to do so. The Peer Users are not employees or agents of Bioness, and Bioness does not control what they may say to you. The Peer Users will express their own views and opinions, which may not reflect the views and opinions of Bioness (and Bioness and its affiliates are not responsible for the statements of Peer Users). Bioness encourages you to carefully review the information about the Bioness devices (including Contraindications, Potential Adverse Reactions and Precautions in the User's Guides) on the Bioness website ( and to discuss it with your doctor. Bioness reserves the right to end the Peer User program at any time, or to change Peer Users from time to time. Please only proceed with the Peer User Conference Call program if you accept all of the foregoing.