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Bioness L300 Testimonial – Duane, a spinal cord injury survivor


Listen to Duane’s story of "Defying All Odds". Duane is a businessman, husband, and active father of five who broke his neck in a rugby accident and was paralyzed as a result.

Since 2009, individuals with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury have been eligible for device coverage through Medicare. 

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Before I had my spinal cord injury, I led probably what other people would call a fairytale life. I ended up, short story, breaking my neck. The L300 from Bioness accelerated my recovery. From there you’ve got to have a great attitude. You’ve got to have a great work ethic, but you also have to have great technology. I’ve had that through Bioness.

From the very first time putting it on, it was remarkable. Today, having the ability to not have an AFO is just liberating. It was remarkable how it allowed my normal gait pattern, you know, to come through. And, when I’m walking, it’s my muscles making me walk. And so, it’s pretty revolutionary. I’ve started being able to swim again. And, when you’re a quadriplegic and you can put on flippers and both legs are [moving], you look like a swimmer. That’s a cool thing.


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