Mobility, Confidence & Independence to be a Kid

Your Child Could Walk More Naturally with the L300 Foot Drop System

The Small L300 Foot Drop System

Small L300 for PediatricsFor children affected by foot drop as a result of upper motor neuron injuries, mobility can be a daily struggle and result in difficulty in enjoying many childhood activities.

The award-winning L300 Foot Drop System is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system that stimulates the nerves in the lower leg, activating muscles to lift the foot which allows children with foot drop to walk more naturally. The system's advanced technology gait sensor automatically senses your child's foot position, walking speed, and changes in terrain.

"Raising a child with mobility issues can be challenging. The L300 has changed life for Delaney dramatically because she is now able to function as a more normal citizen in the community. It's given her the confidence to try new things." - Delaney's mother