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Bioness L300 Testimonial – Elizabeth, a person with foot drop


Listen to Elizabeth’s story - "The Sky's the Limit". Elizabeth is the mother of a young child and a businesswoman who suffered cognitive and physical damage from Neurological Disorder.


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Using an AFO was…well, it was like using a nightmare for me. The hardest part was looking down at my child; and every single night, it never failed, we’d be at the bottom of the stairs and she would say, “Mommy, pick me up!” And, it was devastating to have to look at her and say to her “I can’t. I can’t pick you up.”

The first time that I used the L300 was the first time that I actually found hope and saw a little glimpse of what my future might look like. My friends said to me that its “good to have me back.” It gave me a part of my life back and I didn’t think I was ever going to have…ever.

It didn’t just change my life, it changed my little girl’s life. She put her little arms around me, and she said very quietly to me in my ear, “Mommy, Mommy, you’re carrying me!”

And, I said, “Yes, baby, I sure am.” So, it was pretty amazing.


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