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Bioness H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System Overview


This Mechanism of Action (MOA) animation video shows how the H200 Wireless works. The H200 Wireless helps people with hand paralysis as a result of damage to their central nervous system (CNS).


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The NESS H200 consists of an electronic orthosis and its control unit. The control unit transmits synchronized electrical pulses to the peripheral nerves through the electrodes built into the orthosis. These pulses accurately and consistently activate five muscle groups of the forearm and hand:

The Extensor Digitorum

Extensor Polllicis Brevis

Flexor Digitorum Superficialis

Flexor Pollicis Longus

and, The Thenar group.

The NESS H200 was designed to provide proprioceptive input and synchronized muscle activity. These movements may facilitate normal patterns, leading to the reversal of learned non-use, improving voluntary movement and functional abilities.

Other possible benefits include reducing muscle spasm, increasing or maintaining range of motion, improving local blood circulation, and retarding disuse atrophy.

The NESS H200’s orthosis comfortably embraces the arm, and it is easy to put, remove, and position accurately.

The unique integration of flexible components and exoskeleton rigidity provide stability and durability, facilitates movement, and maintains optimal electrode contact.

Modular polymer components ensure best fit for each individual.

The formerly difficult process of finding the accurate placement of each electrode was simplified with the NESS H200’s patented clinical electrode location system. The system allows for the quick detection of the best position of each electrode and its placement in the NESS H200 orthosis for each individual user.


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