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Bioness H200 Hand Rehabilitation System in use


View the Bioness H200 Hand Rehabilitation System in use. The H200 helps people with hand paralysis caused by damage to the Central Nervous System.


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JULIE KERK MS PT Supervisor, Rehabilitation Services

Compliance with the home exercise programs with H200 has increased dramatically. Once it is custom-fit to that particular patient, they can put it on, keep it on, and turn it on when they need to do their exercise program. It just affords a whole host of independence for them.


The trick is to have that continued carryover at home not just for half an hour or an hour but for several hours a day; you know, three or four hours a day. And that’s where I think with the Bioness H200 it’s really important because it enables the patient to get that active motion for several hours a day.


I use the H200 for two hours in the morning, take it off, then I’ll wear for two hours again at night after dinner.


Normally I have a towel under my arm, and I’m pushing on the table like this to help strengthen my shoulder and I do that for about twenty-five minutes.


In the morning I use it for about an hour, and then in the afternoon for an hour. And in the evening just before I go to bed, I use it again for an hour.


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