We don't deny that the cost of the technology can be prohibitive for some of your patients.  We understand that you are less likely to refer a patient if you believe he/she will not get insurance coverage or have a portion of the device paid for by a funding source. However, we ask that you give us a chance to work with you and advocate for your patient which we can only do when a referral is submitted. There is no obligation for the patient when their information is sent to us. However, we will need your help in securing therapy notes and necessary medical records, all of which are vital to making a compelling case to the insurance company. 

The three most important factors in securing coverage:

1.    Outcomes with and without the Bioness technology

a.     Quantitative: such as gait speed improvements, TUG, Fugl-Meyer, etc.

b.     Qualitative: such as gait symmetry improvement contributing to a fall risk reduction and ADL achievements including          dressing and eating.

2.    Patient motivation

a.     Is your patient motivated to get better?

3.    Compliance

a.     What are the goals for the patient after discharge (in the community)?

b.     Will your patient follow a home based rehabilitation program to achieve those goals?

We combine these elements with the evidence base supporting use of the Bioness technologies and it creates a very compelling case.

We can never make the case unless you first let us know you have a home use candidate.