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Rehabilitation Platform for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

BITS is a clinical nexus that allows current and future Bioness technologies to be integrated on a single platform. The system consists of a touchscreen display (48", 55" and 65") mounted on a highly versatile and extremely portable stand, and is designed to meet the diverse needs of physical, occupational and speech therapy in one easy to use device. The system will support a series of software programs for optimizing patient outcomes.

The initial software application is designed to evaluate and improve abilities in individuals with disabilities resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders as well as improve performance in competitive athletes.

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There are seven (7) main therapies with a total of 16 different programs.

|| (3) Eye Hand Procedures                        || Metronome 

|| (4) Rotator Procedures                            || (2) Letter Chart Programs

|| (3) Rapid Eye Movement Procedures     || (2) Visual Motor Programs

|| Memory Recall Procedure 


|| Enhance eye movement, peripheral awareness, visual reaction time, speed and span of recognition, automaticity, and contrast sensitivity

|| Assist patients with visual field loss,visual-spatial neglect, and visual vestibular integration problems


|| Enhance eye-hand coordination and evaluate hand speed and accuracy


|| Use spoken commands to improve visual and auditory sequencing and memory

|| Effective for patients with rhythm, reading, and math difficulties

Integrating the Future of Rehabilitation