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Bioness is Transforming


The Vector Gait & Safety SystemTM enables rehabilitative teams to increase patient mobility while preventing falls and reducing the risk of injury. From stroke and spinal cord injury to amputee and orthopedic injury, the Vector provides a customized gait training solution for patients of all levels. Leveraging dynamic body weight support, the Vector System allows patients to perform pre-gait activities, practice over-ground gait rehabilitation, and accomplish ADL training.

Advanced Technology & Design

Vector is designed to provide rehabilitation department a safe therapeutic experience combined with complete outcomes documentation.



  • Un-tethered trolley driven via a conductive Power Rail
  • Closed loop or linear track designs
  • 400 lbs. static and 200 lbs. dynamic body weight capacity
  • Icon drive software interface with secure patient database and wireless hand-held unit
  • UL certified


  • Promotes independent walking - a length of stay determinate
  • Increases clinician productivity allowing one-on-one treatment regimens
  • Maximizes clinic space with a ceiling mounted design
  • Enables the clinician to start gait training earlier, accelerating the rehabilitation process and reducing length of stay
  • Maintains patient and clinician safety during pre-gait and gait training activities

To experience the difference that The Vector can make in your clinic and in your patients' lives, please contact us today!