Specialty Programs

Whether the patient has a DME cap or an insurance company will not consider coverage we have put in several programs to help your patients acquire Bioness technologies.

Early Start Program

  • Leveraging the evidence base supporting use of the FES during the acute and sub-acute stage, this program focuses on stroke patients looking to maximize recovery right after the incident.
  • 3-month trial program with trial payment.  At the end of the trial the patients can evaluate their long-term need and either return the device or purchase at a significantly discounted rate.

H200 Wireless Upgrade

  • Patients already using the H200 System are eligible to trade-in their device for the new Wireless System for significant cost savings off the retail price. 

Care Credit

Many customers who want the technology need to fit the cost into their monthly budget so we provide a range of options to fit their specific needs.

  • No Interest Payment Plans from 6-18 months
  • 0% Payments
  • Low cost Payment Plans from 24-60 months

Bioness Cares

We understand that the economy has impacted many of your customers and that the cost of healthcare is a long-term commitment. Therefore, for those individuals that might not qualify for external financing Bioness offers convenient and affordable finance solutions.

  • 0% interest, same as cash, Payment terms up to 24 months.