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    Dynavision D2

    Dynavision D2 Vision Training System

    Leading-Edge Vision Skill Technology

    The Dynavision D2 is an FDA-cleared visuomotor and cognitive assessment/training system which may help patients to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction times and reaction speed.

    A variety of visual and motor deficits can result from neurological injuries or diseases.

    The Dynavision D2 Visuomotor Training System, distributed by Bioness Inc., assists therapists in the treatment of visual field deficits and visual and attention deficit disorders for certain patients with neurological conditions such as:

    • Stroke
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Other neurological disorders and diseases

    An effective treatment approach to restoring both visual and motor function is to incorporate functional movement patterns with goal directed activities.

    From Athletes to Patients

    Originally developed to improve the visuomotor skills of athletes competing in sports such as hockey, basketball, football and tennis, Dynavision programs have been adapted to provide the same training benefits to persons whose visual and motor function has been compromised by neurological injuries or diseases. Patients enjoy working with the Dynavision D2 as a part of their therapy program because it is fun and motivating.


    Some of the potential benefits your patients may achieve from the Dynavision D2 may include:

    Dynavision D2 Benefits
    • Increase in the speed, accuracy and efficiency with which they are able to absorb visual information under a variety of cognitive demands
    • Improvement in the processing of visual information in static and dynamic environments to help compensate for the visual impairment caused by neurological injuries or diseases
    • Improvement in hand-eye coordination
    • Improvement in reaction times
    • Increase in the efficiency to absorb visual information under a variety of cognitive demands

    Use of the Dynavision D2 in combination with a comprehensive rehabilitation program may help improve visual function response time, performance and motor training.

    The Dynavision D2 provides therapists with a novel approach to rehabilitation and may assist with:

    • Visual motor assessment/training
    • Visual cognitive assessment/training


    Features of the Dynavision D2 include:

    Dynavision D2 Features
    • Large board spanning 4 feet high by 4 feet wide
    • Motorized 28" height adjustment range
    • Easy floor-supported installation system with safety strap (earthquake code)
    • Light weight, aluminum, durable construction
    • Red and green LED lights built to withstand 1,000,000 impacts
    • Password-protected computerized netbook with intuitive interface
    • Ability to store, view and graph user history
    • Easy-to-use computer software to activate 4 operating modes and up to 6 different light speeds
    • Netbook is compatible with any Windows XP compatible PCL printer (Printer not included with Dynavision D2)